Visual aided warning leads.  £15.00

Leads are colour coded with a visually written warning. These are ideal if you have a dog with sight or hearing loss - if your dog cannot be approached - and many other warnings.

(Leads can be washed in a washing machine)

Leads available are: 

* Blind dog                - White

* Deaf dog                 - Blue

* Dog in Training        - Blue

* Do not feed             - Purple

* Do not pet               - Red

​* Nervous dog            - Yellow

​* Caution                   - Red

Small Non slip stainless steel dog bowls:  £5.00

Fantastic quality bowls, ideal for use for food and water. Stainless steel with rubber rim for non slip.

Also available in:

Medium:              - £6.50

Large:                 - £7.50

Extra Large:        - £10.00

Also available in:

Small:          - £5.00

Medium:      - £6.00

Large:          - £7.50

             THE WOLF PAWS SHOP

Welcome to the Wolf Paws Shop. 

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                                                           Extra Large stainless steel dog bowls:       £9.00

                                                            Great quality bowls, ideal for use with multi dog house holds for water.

                                                            Or for use as water/food bowls for large breed dogs.