If you would like more information about the photizo vetcare unit, or to plce an order for one of these amazing devices, please email me at: teamarcticflite@outlook.com.

or call on: 07595322187                                               

You can also contact me via the Wolf paws facebook page - just drop me a PM.

Hire charges for this unit start at £25.00 per week.

Purchase price of the Photizo vetcare unit is £299.00 (hire charges incurred will be deducted).


This amazing device is a handheld device that can fit in your bag. You can literally take it anywhere with you. Just charge your device up and you are ready to roll.

The Photizo light therapy device is a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.

It works by restoring energy in damaged cells and increasing blood flow using extremely beneficial wavelengths of red and infrared light.

The Photizo Vetcare -  A red light therapy device.

It is NOT invasive, nor is it harmful or painful for the animal (or owner).

I very highly recommend this device. I do use this on my team of dogs and would not be without it.

If you would like to read up more about this amazing device, go over and visit the Photizo UK light therapy website at: www.danetrehealthproducts.com 

The function of the cells is compromised after damage, surgery, disease or if the body is slower to heal due to other conditions like diabetes, for example. 

Applying light therapy quickly after acute injury can prevent the process of further damage or death of the cells affected, and will therefore lead to a quicker healing and recovery.

Cells in both people and animals are receptive to light, and from numerous clinical and scientific studies, the proven effect of red & infrared light are:

* Increases energy in cells

* Increases circulation

* Increased regeneration 

* Reduces inflammation and increases lymphatic activity

* Increases immune system activity

* Cell death is reversed if applied within 4-6 hours of injury

* regulation of collagen production - helps reduce scarring

* Pain relief & calming by increasing endorphins & serotonin