• Behavioural issues
  • Pet sitting

  • Home day visits

  • Dog walking

  • Agility training

  • Trick training

  • Dryland sport basics

  • Scent work training
Puppy starter / basic training:

This includes;

Lead walking, recall training, crate training, structured play, daily routine, toilet training, basic commands ie: sit, down, wait.


    Other Categories

Adult dog training:

This includes;

Lead walking,

recall training,

obedience and advanced obedience,



For issues like; Resource guarding, Dog to human aggression, Dog to dog aggression, separation anxiety, anxiety and fear issues and much more.                              

Fully qualified dog training & Behaviour specialist

Nutritional advice consultations:

Whatever you feed your dog - whether it is Raw, kibble, wet, dehydrated, home cooked. It is important to ensure the diet is complete and right for you dog. Lacking nutritional content will cause many health and behavioural problems along the way.